About Zeno's Yoghurt

First Greek Yoghurt

Since 1994 

Our Story 

Let’s take this story back to 1989, when Zenobia, then a baby, would be picky with 90% of food, yet would devour her natural yoghurt. Was it a phase or a permanent appetite? Her parents upon realizing her continuing interest in natural yoghurt, made an effort to make it available for Zenobia’s daily consumption. 

Yoghurt became the number 1 food item in the household, made with Zenobia’s father’s unique recipe. In passing, Zenobia’s mother jokingly suggested to her father to commercialize the yoghurt production for others to also have access to.

Zenobia’s father mentioned to his friend, Chakib Ramal (former owner of Ramona Department Stores), his ability to make yoghurt. Fascinated and intrigued, Chakib Ramal made a request. Not taking the request seriously, the yoghurt was not made. Chakib Ramal demanded for his yoghurt the next day. Baffled at his seriousness, yet thrilled that their planted yoghurt seed idea could become a reality, they seized the opportunity, purchased cups and sporadically created and printed labels. The first batch of 50 liters of yoghurt was produced and supplied. To their surprise by the next day, it had sold out and a new order was placed. The little step they took, would become the beginning of a new journey. Zeno’s Yoghurt would be born from this day in 1994!!

Our Comeback 

Zeno’s officially began producing natural yoghurt in the early 1990’s. At that time, it was the second of its kind in Ghana, to produce natural yoghurt commercially. Its superior natural taste, uniqueness, and quality, gave Zeno’s dominance in market share. The shareholders of Zeno’s had to temporarily relocate outside the shores of Ghana. Production was suspended for a period of time. After a long break, Zeno’s made a strong come back in 2015 and introduced Ghana’s first Greek yoghurt. The company went on to open the first yoghurt bar which has been hugely successful in encouraging yoghurt as a household staple. The yoghurt

bars make beautiful yoghurt creations and encourage customers to try creations

at home.  

Company Overview

Zeno Enterprise produces and sells natural yoghurt through retail distribution channels. The company was first founded in the early 90’s, being the second company to produce yoghurt commercially in Ghana.

Company Strategy

Vision: our vision guides every aspect of our business.

• Provide the highest quality of natural yoghurt products, that consistently meet the expectations of our consumers.

• Change the way Ghanaian consumers think about, and eat yoghurt.

• To become Ghana’s most dynamic natural yoghurt company, creating healthy products for consumers.

• Offering sustainable solutions for recycling, which is relevant to a better, safer, cleaner, and healthier life for the environment and its citizens.

• A company that “walks the talk”.

• To build our brand differentiation on trust and values.

Mission: to nourish lives by offering great tasting, natural, healthy yoghurt based products for a consumer market that is becoming increasingly health conscious.

Core Values: We believe in a business where relationships matter, from our employees, to the environment, to our consumers. We thrive to maintain sincerity, integrity, reliability, and professionalism. We take our time to craft our yoghurt products with natural ingredients by people who care and have a passion for what they do. Upholding our principles is what drives our company.

The Zeno's Way


Zeno’s has always been my way of life and I have been its best customer! I founded the yoghurt bar to promote and encourage the consumption of real natural yoghurt. The yoghurt bars give me the opportunity to meet Zeno’s customers and create personal relationships with them. For me, its not a business, its my life. I encourage young females to pursue their dreams, even if it is in sectors that are not considered trendy. 

Zenobia Bou-Chedid

Founder of Zeno's Yoghurt Bar